The Zeitgeist

Thebe Magugu

“An unspoken sign of the Times, one that cannot be forced or recreated, it just is”
— Thebe Magugu




The Black young voices have roared for centuries and now the world is listening. The Zeitgeist has been completely dismantled because of this as we stray away from the imposed look and feel but seek individual expression. Ash grey cities have never look more colourful.
— Siyababa


The Zeitgeist means marrying quality retrospective feelings to contemporary life. To us, it is comfort, the best way it has ever looked. .
I turned that opening into story time.
I wanted to make something that’s bright, because I’m happy, something that flowed because we should be less stiff/more comfortable, and obviously something that illustrated that I am just a chapter in a fashion story that started many years ago
— Long Season.


When I think about zeitgeist I think about right now. The heavy flow of everyday, Mass culture, replica and trend influencers

As a designer it’s easy to overstrain in the flow because fashion at its core is right now its overnight and the easiest way to read the time we are in currently.
I slowed down for this project and took my head out of the water. My thought was “what about the harmony’s”
Another truth about the human experience. This piece is about slowing down to reveal other human strengths and beauties low breaths and harmonies

unknown* | untitled

“Balance*.” can it be just that ?*
— - Unknown*

Bespoke Kentse


Zazi Luxury

The Zeitgeist can be summed up as the spirit or mood of the period. In the word we live in today we can almost say the spirit and mood are not at peace, they are not a point of equilibrium. Well, at least not for the ZaziLuxury brand.

While the “mood” and habits that are being promoted are that of being highly induced in social media or ‘the next best trend’ our true spirt suffers because we are not ‘feeding it’.

It is a well-known fact that “the unfed mind devours itself” what happens to the underfed spirit? Well, it disintegrates into a black hole and essentially loses its essence.

Knowledge of self is held at the highest regard. It is through ourselves that we interact with the world and make sense of the world we live in. It is however only through truly knowing oneself that we can navigate the world we live in, it is only through knowing ourselves that we can lead a purpose driven life. Therefore, knowledge of self is a luxury: ukuzazi is a luxury

To know yourself is a Luxury in todays world. When we are constantly bombarded with social média images that dictate to us Who we should be and what we should have and what “the cool” life looks like. We are easily influenced and swayed to live lives and wear clothes that are not even Who we are.

But you have to know yourself fully. You have to constantly learn about yourself and find yourself and want to be yourself... that to me is a Luxury. Everything that you need and everything we are searching for is within ourselves

Ukuzazi is a luxury


Many of us are struggling to find truly meaningful and supportive relationships or spaces.

We have become the loneliest generation in history and excessive internet use is partly to blame as it distracts us from genuine human interaction. It builds a false sense of reassurance and creates the illusion of connectedness. These digital interactions only keep us from loneliness and self doubt temporarily.

But being alone shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of and “NOTHING” aims to create a safe space for that. Its time we rebrand the sense of isolation by allowing ourselves to not fear doing things alone, being vulnerable and embrace solitude.
— Zeitgeist by [NOTHING]